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Forecast 2023: Why Experts Believe Gold May Soar to Historic Highs

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Thrilling news from America’s financial front line: 

A growing number of experts believe the price of gold may rise to historic highs in 2023…  

Handing select gold owners a possible once-in-a-generation growth opportunity in the coming weeks and months. 

Bank of America’s Head of Commodities and Derivatives Research, Francisco Blanch, says the price of gold could possibly exceed $2,000 per ounce. 

Standard Chartered’s Global Head of Research, Eric Robertsen, sets a higher target of $2,250.  

And Swiss Asia Capital analysts believe gold may jump to at least $2,500… but if America’s economic challenges deepen, the price of gold could even rise to an almost unbelievable $4,000, according to their analysts. 

That would be an astonishing gain of 120% from the price of gold at the time of this writing — enough to turn a modest $20,000 held in a Gold IRA into $44,000. 

Now, that may sound like an outrageous prediction.  

And you’re wise to be skeptical of such a high target.  

After all — most markets are still struggling. 

But despite the mass downturn…   

Gold outperformed the S&P 500, the Dow Jones, the Nasdaq, US corporate bonds, and Treasury bonds in 2022! 

Not only that, but the price of gold has already bounced back from its November low… 

It’s up almost $225 or 13.7% and rising… 

And the 3 potential “rally triggers” you’ll see below could make a record-breaking gold rally inevitable in 2023.  

Starting with…  

Potential Gold Rally Trigger #1: The Fed’s Pivot 

As you may already know, the Fed has already started pivoting away from aggressive interest rate hikes.  

It’s a move Bank of America says may be very good for gold because “a pivot away from the aggressive rate hikes through 2023 should bring many new buyers back into the [gold] market.”  

Chief Market Strategist for FS Investments Troy Gayeski agrees and says, “Gold stands to rebound when the Federal Reserve pivots” because lower rates may direct a stream of safety-minded investors back to gold. 

Will that stream of new gold buyers reacting to the Fed pivot push gold prices higher? analysts think it’s possible and say, “gold’s price might even rise exponentially.” 

We’ll soon know.  

Because Fed Chief Jerome Powell has already indicated the Fed will tap the brakes on aggressive rate hikes for the foreseeable future. 

So, when the seasoned team of analysts at Bank of America — an institution tied to central banks — also states, “gold prices should rally into 2023” …  

Chances are they may know a thing or two about what’s coming next. 

And what’s coming next could be… 

Potential Gold Rally Trigger #2: A Long, Punishing “Crypto Winter” 

As you may already know, 2022 was brutal for crypto. 

  • Crypto investors lost almost $2 trillion… 
  • Crypto exchange FTX went from buying Super Bowl ads to plunging into bankruptcy in a cloud of fraud and vanishing client funds… 
  • The Luna cryptocurrency and the so-called “stablecoin” TerraUSD lost $60 billion in value in less than three weeks…. 
  • Bitcoin has lost over 60% of its value already… and Standard Chartered’s Eric Robertsen predicts it may crash to a paltry $5,000. 

If it does…  

Then, like the tide going out… 

The marketing premise of “digital gold” and the deceptions of crypto exchanges will stand bare… 

The reality of crypto uncertainty will kick in… 

And another stream of spooked investors may run to gold’s perceived safety, certainty and financial security. 

This flood of new gold buyers could possibly push the price of gold through the roof. 

Swiss Asia Capital says it’s “not going to be just 10% or 20%” … but the price of gold will “really make new highs.” 

Especially if America continues to suffer the punishing impact of… 

Potential Gold Rally Trigger #3: The Recession/Inflation Double Whammy 

In the past, gold prices have almost always risen as the economy weakened.  

In fact, during every significant economic downturn in US history, folks who failed to prepare watched their retirement savings shrink away. 

Meanwhile, select gold owners grew richer as the price of gold rose to new highs. 

Now the double whammy of recession and inflation is happening at the same time. And some folks are already seeing their savings and purchasing power take big hits. 

Does this mean history is about to repeat itself?  

Will all these triggers happening at once create a flood of new gold buyers and a historic growth opportunity for gold owners in 2023? 

Is $4,000 per ounce a realistic forecast?  

It’s too early to know. 

But one thing’s certain: 

If these forecasts for 2023 are accurate, right now may be a great time to consider shifting some of your savings into a Gold IRA.  

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