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Why the Answer to These Questions Should Worry You

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Are you buying into the stock market rally and the strength of our economy? Then, let me ask you this:

If everything really is that great, why has the Fed abandoned all rate hikes for 2019 after suggesting it could raise rates four times with no difficulty?

If everything is fine, why are top Fed officials, who are in charge of US monetary policy, suggesting the central bank should lower interest rates into negative territory and inject more funds into the economy?

If everything is going as planned, why is the Fed reviewing policies they deemed too extreme during the 2008 crisis?

If the economy is doing well, why is the White House Chief Economic Adviser urging the Fed to cut rates immediately?

If the global economies are in such great shape, why has China so far in 2019 injected liquidity into the financial system in the amount of 9% of its GDP? That amount is larger than what they injected during the entire 2008 crisis.

If everything is under control, why did the European Central Bank implement a new monetary policy just 45 days after it ended its previous one?

And, finally, if we really have no reason to be worried, why has the Bank of International Settlements—which is the bank that central banks turn to for help when they’re in trouble—said that central banks across the globe have no tools to deal with the next crisis?

You can find the answer to all these questions in this chart. No media outlet wants you to see this chart. Oh, and the last times those lines broke were in 2000 and 2008—when the dot-com bubble and the housing bubble burst.

A crash is on its way, and 99% of investors are going to panic when it hits.

But not me.

I’ve spent my professional career turning financial crises into huge gains for my clients by investing in precious metals.

When the crisis hits, I’m convinced we will see 3-digit and possibly even 4-digit gains.

Do you believe your retirement savings are safe from the ravages of the next crisis? Do you want to protect your investments, whether the economy is doing well or not? Are you interested in getting an advantage when most investors are panicking?

Then, schedule a free consultation with me and I will show you how your portfolio can grow and be protected when the market implodes.

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Kevin has spent over 16 years in the financial industry, focused primarily on precious metals as investment assets. He has published many articles on buying and selling precious metals along with the best entry and exit strategies for various financial assets. He has helped thousands of clients protect, preserve, and safeguard their investments with precious metals and has been with Gold Alliance for more than two years as a leading Sr. Portfolio Manager, overseeing a large portion of our clients’ portfolios.

Kevin happily provides advice for clients who wish to diversify into precious metals. For a free non-committing consultation, reach out to Kevin directly at [email protected].