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When Oil and Gold Trade Like This, Markets Crash

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Slowing global growth and the potential for further US tariffs mean that oil is floating near bear market levels.

Gold, on the other hand, is on the rise—due to the same factors that are putting oil under pressure.

Rising Gold Prices and Oil are Rarely Correlated

We rarely see gold rising and oil dropping at the same time, and when that happens, it foreshadows a crisis or recession, as you can see in the chart below.

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In fact, only three times in history have we seen silver and gold prices rising while oil prices dropped. And all three times happened during a recession or a severe bear market. What we’re witnessing today looks a lot like the start of the sell-off in late 2018.

The surging gold-to-oil ratio, the annihilation of copper prices, the widening corporate spreads, the credit markets—all of them are screaming “Recession ahead!” On top of that, the Fed is being dovish and is considering a rate cut later this year, which, this late in the cycle, signals a bearish sentiment.

This is a clear indication that a recession is coming, and investors are going to panic when their stock portfolios crash.

But not me.

I’ve spent my career preparing for this exact type of timing, and my friends, my family, and my clients are all in on investment portfolios that will go gangbusters when the markets go bust.

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