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Why Silver Is a Low-Risk Investment With High Potential for Gains

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This question is on any investor’s mind, but today most investors are simply ignoring investment risk levels for some of the most common assets. These investors believe that their favorite investment assets will continue to increase in value indefinitely with small aggravating dips along the way. So, their go-to strategy is to be “Buying the Dip.”

All markets behave in cycles, which means that asset prices will peak and decline (“what goes up must come down”). Thus, assets that are near a peak are HIGH RISK, and those near the bottom are LOW RISK. It’s really that simple.

Analyst Steve St. Angelo is discussing this topic in a recent column where he brilliantly places three charts next to each other. Seeing these charts, you don’t need to understand the numbers or be a financial expert to agree that ignoring the risks that exist today in the real estate market and the stock market carry a price.

Oh, and you’ll understand that silver is dirt cheap with a lot of growth potential. To learn more about investing in silver contact us for a FREE guide and learn how you can protect and grow your wealth with silver today!