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Recession Alert: Winter Is Coming

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Considering our current situation—record debt levels, trapped central banks, slowing economic growth, escalating trade war between the world’s two largest economies, and artificially inflated asset prices due to historic buybacks and political pressure—it looks terribly similar to the backdrop of the Great Recession. The only difference is that today’s debt is even higher. In 2007, subprime mortgages seemed like the next threat to the economy, and in 2019 it’s leveraged loans.

Central bankers and Wall Street will never tell you it’s time to sell:

So, is a market crash coming? Here’s a chart that shows the relationship between our level of corporate debt and recessions.

My conclusion is that “winter is coming.” Prepare your portfolios for a serious correction in the stock and bond markets. Take profits and take a close look at gold and silver, which traditionally are doing well when the market crashes.

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