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Leaving a Lasting Financial Legacy for Your Family 

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You know, after you’ve worked for years to achieve a certain amount of financial success… 

And you’ve saved and invested your hard-earned dollars with care… 

It’s only natural to start thinking about leaving behind a financial legacy for your family. Because few actions say “I love you” like helping your family enjoy a more secure, long-term financial future. Especially when you know America’s economic future is still so uncertain.

Yes, we can all hope the “powers that be” will do their level best to put America on a more loving path to economic prosperity soon. 

But I wouldn’t bet my family’s financial future on it. 

Because those who didn’t diversify before every significant economic downturn in US history saw their traditional savings and investments go down the tubes. Meanwhile, the price of gold rallied and even made some folks RICHER. 

Take a look: 

A chart comparing the price of gold and the purchasing power of the US dollar from 1971 to 2023

Since 1971 — the year Nixon took the US off the Gold Standard and the Fed started flooding the economy with printed paper dollars — the purchasing power of the US dollar has evaporated by over 85%.  

And during this time, inflation soared 632%… but as you can see in the chart above, gold gained a whopping 4,263%! 

That means $10,000 in gold held since 1971 has turned into about $436,000 today. $20,000 in gold has turned into about $872,000 in gold today. And $100,000 in gold has transformed into around $4,360,000 in today’s prices. 

Just imagine how fortunate the folks who inherited that gold must feel!  

Now, here we are…  

America’s economic future is hanging in the balance. Inflation is still high. Experts say we may soon face a recession. And the US dollar’s fate is unknown.  

With all this happening right now, doesn’t it make good sense to own gold — a physical asset you control?  

An asset with zero counter-party risk? 

Unlike stocks, options, bonds, dollars, real estate, derivatives and other financial investments… where an issuing company, person, or institution could possibly fail to live up to its contractual obligations…  

Gold can’t go bankrupt, default on payments, or fall to zero.   

No board of directors, market manipulators or bank failures can make gold irrelevant. 

It can’t be printed, burned or destroyed. 

From the first gold coins minted in Lydia in 600 B.C. to the finest gold coins, bullion and bars you can buy and hold in your hand today… physical gold has always had intrinsic value. 

Gold is an asset your family can easily access, spend, trade anywhere in the world, and even sell after you’ve passed on.  

And that means your family can go on living their lives with more peace of mind – knowing the gold you’ve gifted them will be there if they need it.  

From where I’m sitting, that is the secret to leaving what I call a lasting financial “Legacy of Love.”