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The Answers to These Questions Should Worry You—Here’s Why

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The White House and Wall Street are touting the stock markets, which seem to set new records every week. We are also being told that our economy is strong and will keep strengthening. In other words, according to Wall Street there’s nothing to worry about.

If you’re buying into this, then let me ask you these questions:

If everything is that awesome, why did the Fed reverse its position and cut interest rates three times in 2019 after suggesting it could increase rates without harming the markets?

If the economy is “great,” why have top Fed officials proposed that they adopt negative rates? And why is the White House supporting this view?

If the historic markets are really indicators of prosperity, why has our central bank increased its balance sheet, injecting over $1 billion into the banking sector in just the last few months?

If everything is on the right track, why is the Fed considering policies that were deemed too extreme during the historic crisis in 2008?

If the global economy is doing so great, why did China inject more liquidity into their financial system in 2019 than they did during the entire 2008 crisis?

And, if we in fact have nothing to worry about, why did the Bank of International Settlements (the bank that helps central banks when they’re in trouble) say that central banks across the globe won’t have any tools at their disposal when the next crisis hits us?

The answer to all these questions is in this chart—a chart that no media outlet wants to show you. The last times the uptrend line broke were in 2000 and 2008 when first the dot-com bubble and then the housing bubble exploded. The chart is clear: when the next crisis hits, it’s going to be more painful than the last two recessions.

A crash is on its way. When it hits, 99% of investors are going to panic.

But I won’t.

During my professional career, I have turned financial crises into huge gains for my clients by investing in gold and other precious metals. And once the crisis hits, I’m confident we will see 3-digit gains—possibly even 4-digit gains.

Are you convinced your retirement savings are safe from the effects of the next crisis? Do you want to protect your investments, whether the economy is doing well or not? Would you like to have an advantage when most investors are panicking?

Then, schedule a free consultation with me—you can reach me directly at 818-641-1346. I will show you how your portfolio can grow and be protected when the market crashes.

About Kevin Troy

Kevin has spent over 16 years in the financial industry, focused primarily on precious metals as investment assets. He has published many articles on buying and selling precious metals along with the best entry and exit strategies for various financial assets. He has helped thousands of clients protect, preserve, and safeguard their investments with precious metals and has been with Gold Alliance for more than two years as a leading Sr. Portfolio Manager, overseeing a large portion of our clients’ portfolios.