Gold Alliance Buy-Back Policy

With Gold Alliance, selling your precious metals is fast and easy!

We are committed to our promise of a quick, secure, and straightforward ordering process—and we show the same commitment to buying back gold and other precious metals through our industry-leading Buy-Back Policy. We reserve our highest bid prices for our clients, and, unlike most dealers, we lock your price to give you peace of mind. This means that once we send you your offer and you ship the metals to our Depository account, your price is locked and you will receive the agreed-upon amount once the Depository has confirmed their authenticity, regardless of market fluctuations.

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Sell Your Precious Metals to Us in Just 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Call Gold Alliance at 888-734-7453 and we’ll give you our best offer.

Step 2

Once you’ve accepted the offer, if you have metals in an IRA account, we can wire the funds directly to the account before the metals are shipped to us. The liquidation has been completed in just 2 steps.

For holders of metals outside of an IRA, we’ll provide you with a free-shipping label that includes insurance coverage so you can ship the metals safely to our account at the Delaware Depository.

Step 3

When the depository receives the metals, it usually takes them 1 day to confirm the metals’ authenticity. We will then send you a check or a wire transfer for the funds.

Please note: Gold Alliance only buys precious-metal coins and bars, not jewelry or precious metals in any other form than coins and bars.

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Please visit our FAQ pages for a Direct Delivery purchase for easy-to-understand answers to questions that we commonly get.

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