Can I take physical possession of gold in my IRA?

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Diversifying with precious metals is a great way to hedge against inflation and market crises, but you may still have questions about the technical aspects of acquiring physical gold and silver. One of the most common questions we get is “Can I take possession of the gold in my Gold IRA?” The answer is yes, and taking distributions from your Gold IRA is a simple process.

How to take distributions from your Gold IRA

You have two options when you take distributions from your physical Gold IRA: You can either take the cash or the gold.

We’ve taken the time to create a simple process that allows you to liquidate your Gold IRA when you’re ready. We are dedicated to your financial success and peace of mind. We also care about your time. We’ve had clients who urgently needed to liquidate their assets, and we worked with them to ensure that they were able to get their money quickly and securely.

How to take possession of gold in your Gold IRA

If you want to receive physical gold as a distribution from your Gold IRA, there are only three simple steps:

  1. Contact your Senior Portfolio Manager and request a distribution. 
  2. We will help you complete the distribution request form required by your custodian. 
  3. We will submit the document you approved with your signature to your custodian. 

It will only take approximately 7 business days from the moment your place your request to the time your gold is delivered securely to your door.

How to turn your Gold IRA into cash

If you want to take a distribution in cash, we will be happy to offer you a fair buy-back price based on our written policy and a hassle-free process. 

There are only three steps for this process as well:

  1. Confirm your request to liquidate your gold to cash. 
  2. Accept our buy-back offer.*
  3. Complete the form required by your custodian and get paid.

* While the law prohibits us from guaranteeing that we will buy back from our clients, we have never refused any client request to sell their metals back to us. 

Learn more about selling your precious metals and liquidating your gold.

How can I sell my gold after I’ve taken possession of it?

There are so many different options for liquidating the metals that you have on hand. When selling precious metals outside of your IRA (or metals that you hold in your home or other safe location), we hope that you consider Gold Alliance. There are thousands of dealers that can assist you, but we provide an industry-leading buy-back policy.

All you have to do is call us, and we will provide you with a fair buy-back offer. Once you accept our offer, we will help you get your metals shipped safely to our account at the Delaware Depository and transfer the funds to you once your metals arrive. Your price is locked during your metals’ transit. 

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