Silver Mercury Dime


  • Silver content: 0.07234 troy oz
  • Gross weight: 2.5g
  • Composition: .900 silver .100 copper
  • Denomination: $ 0.10
  • Coin diameter: 0.705 in (17.91 mm)
  • Thickness: 0.053 in (1.35mm)
  • Mint dates: 1916 – 1945
  • Mint marks: S, D, None (Philadelphia Mint)


The design of the dime, owing to the smallness of the coin, has been held quite simple. The obverse shows a head of Liberty with winged cap. The head is simple and firm in form, the profile forceful. The reverse shows a design of the bundle of rods, with battle-ax, known as "Fasces", and symbolical of unity, wherein lies the nation's strength. Surrounding the fasces is a full-foliaged branch of olive, symbolical of peace.

The Mercury Dime was minted by the Philadelphia, San Francisco and Denver Mint.

Quality Guarantee
Guaranteed by the Federal Government,  Mercury dimes are globally respected for their quality and purity.