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Silver American Eagle 1 oz

  • Specifications: 1 oz
  • Silver content: 1 oz
  • Gross weight: 1.000 troy oz (31.103 g)
  • Composition: 99.9% silver
  • Denomination: $1
  • Coin diameter: 1.598 in (40.6 mm)
  • Thickness: 0.117 in (2.98 mm)
  • Mint dates: 1986 – present

The official silver bullion coin of the United States, the American Eagle silver coin was first released in 1986. Its 99.9% purity makes it worth more than its face value of $1. The reverse features the American eagle, a symbol of strength and freedom, with a shield and 13 stars. The history of the design on the obverse is fascinating. Adolph Weinman was selected to design a new half dollar. His design, “Walking Liberty,” was made into the Walking Liberty Half Dollar. Though his depiction of Lady Liberty proved difficult to perfect on coin, the design was deemed so beautiful that the Mint decided to continue its production. The Walking Liberty Half Dollar was eventually replaced by the Franklin Half Dollar, but the depiction of Lady Liberty was too beautiful to simply toss aside, so a modification of it was made into the obverse of the Silver American Eagle. Lady Liberty is pictured holding branches with the United States flag over her shoulder and the setting sun in the background. Art historians and critics consider the piece to be among the most beautiful in United States coin history.

Currently, the American Silver Eagles are being minted at West Point Mint and at the San Francisco Mint.

Quality Guarantee
Guaranteed by the Federal Government, Silver American Eagles are globally respected for their quality and purity.

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