You can choose products purchased outside of an IRA in 3 easy steps:

Choose the precious metal type: gold, silver, platinum, or palladium.

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Determine the desired benefits to your portfolio: insurance, growth, reducing downside risk, or privacy.

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A Gold Alliance Account Executive will help you select your product based on the metal and benefits you desire.

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Choose the right precious metal for your needs

Diversifying your precious metals portfolio by investing in different types of precious metals is always a sound strategy. The allocation percentages between the different metals can be determined according to where we are in the precious metal investment cycle and whether you prefer a monetary-type metal like gold to an industrial-type metal like silver, platinum, or palladium. Sometimes, silver seems to be poised for more growth, and sometimes that may be the case for gold. Ask your Gold Alliance Account Executive where we are in the investment cycle so that you can focus your portfolio on the metal with the best growth potential. Whether that means investing in gold, silver, or something like palladium, we’ll help you find the right precious metals for your portfolio.

Determine the desired benefits to your portfolio

Precious metals products provide different benefits to the investor. Select the benefits you prefer when investing in precious metals and ask your Gold Alliance Account Executive to recommend products that contain the following benefits:

Insurance: With insurance-oriented precious metals, your purchasing power and wealth will not be reduced during a financial crisis, a stock market correction, a devaluation of the dollar, geopolitical uncertainty, or war.

Silver and gold rounds, American Eagles, and Canadian Maples are great for insuring your purchasing power.

Upside growth: Not all precious metals perform the same way when their base spot price increases or decreases. Some have a history of rising faster and stronger than others.

The 1904 MS64 $20 Liberty gold piece went up about 200% in value between 2008 and 2009, while the gold spot price went up by around 80%.

Downside risk protection: Some precious metals products have a history of price stability even when the spot price drops.

The 1922 MS64 silver Peace Dollar did not decline in price over the four years where the silver spot price went down by 50%.

Privacy: One of the most attractive aspects of investing in precious metals is that physical precious metals can be privately accumulated. Many products are exempt from the requirements of reporting and extensive disclosure to the government that other assets require, giving these precious metals products an unequaled level of privacy. Please tell your Gold Alliance Account Executive if privacy is an important feature for you, and we will recommend the products that meet your needs.

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