Gold Liberty Coronet 0.5 oz

The obverse features a neoclassic head of Liberty adorned with a coronet inscribed LIBERTY. Thirteen stars surround the bust, with the date below.

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Liberty Coronet Gold Coin.
Liberty Coronet Gold Coin 1894 reverse side.

Product Specs

Gold content

0.4838 troy oz

Gross Weight

16.72 g




90% Gold 10% Copper

Mint Dates

1838 – 1907

Coin Diameter

27 mm

Mint Marks

O, S, None (Philadelphia Mint)


The reverse depicts an eagle holding arrows and an olive branch, encircled by the inscriptions UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and TEN D.


The Liberty Coronet Gold 0.5 oz was minted by the New Orleans, San Francisco and Philadelphia Mint.

Quality Guarantee

Guaranteed by the federal government, Liberty Coronet Gold 0.5 oz coins are globally respected for their quality and purity.

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