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What Is a Silver IRA?

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A Silver IRA or a Precious Metals IRA is a special type of individual retirement account (IRA) that allows you to acquire physical silver in addition to the assets allowed in other IRAs. You can hold silver bars and coins in your Gold IRA, as long as they meet certain requirements, and you’ll enjoy the same benefits as with Traditional or Roth IRAs.

Like other IRAs, the Silver IRA is a tax-advantaged account created to help you save for your retirement. You can set up a Silver IRA with pre-tax dollars (like a Traditional IRA) or with post-tax dollars (Roth IRA) with the same advantages and disadvantages as either of those IRAs.

The Silver IRA, however, has one clear advantage over a Traditional IRA or a Roth IRA: Whereas typical IRAs limit your choices to stocks, bonds, and other paper assets, a Silver IRA allows you to diversify with physical precious metals. By including physical silver in your portfolio, you will benefit from the protection and growth that precious metals offer.

Why should I set up a Silver IRA?

Silver’s intrinsic value comes from it being an essential element in the manufacturing of many products. In addition, it can act as a portfolio hedge in times of financial crises and political uncertainty. These benefits mean that silver can reward portfolios under both favorable and unfavorable economic conditions.

  1. During high demand for precious metals, silver has outperformed gold. The price of silver is more volatile than gold due to the factors that drive its price changes. This is a reason why silver is often viewed as inferior to gold in its value to a portfolio. But this volatility is key during periods of economic turmoil, which cause the price of precious metals to enter a bull market phase. If you think we are heading into a precious market bull market, then know that in all previous bull markets, silver has historically outperformed gold significantly.
  2. There is growing demand for silver and its limited supply. Silver is an optimal conductor of heat and electricity, so it is a key component in a wide range of products, with continuously growing demand. For instance, silver is incorporated in solar panels, cellphones, computers, appliances, and motor vehicles. Today, industrial demand for silver accounts for around half of its global market, and nearly half of all mined silver has been either consumed by industrial use, destroyed, or discarded. Another 47% is believed to exist as jewelry. That leaves a supply for investment purposes of only 3% of the silver that has ever been mined. Since that’s a relatively small supply of available silver, its price rises significantly, even when demand is only small.
  3. Silver is undervalued. One way to see if silver is under- or overvalued is to compare its price to the price of gold. Historically, the ratio of the price of gold to the price of silver has been 16:1 (one ounce of gold is 16 times more expensive than one ounce of silver). The current ratio stands at over 100:1. Many precious-metals experts forecast the gold-to-silver ratio to narrow with silver bridging the gap. This will leave a significant amount of space for the precious metal to appreciate, and silver will need to increase by more than 4.5 times its current value just to get back to the ratio to gold it has been enjoying for a century. In other words, silver could currently be very undervalued with a healthy margin for potential growth. We see a great opportunity to acquire silver at a price that could very well be substantially below its true value.

How do I set up a Silver IRA?

Conventional custodians such as banks and other financial institutions don’t give you the option to add physical precious metals to your portfolio— they simply don’t offer specialty accounts like Silver IRA accounts since they specialize in digitally traded assets. Instead, you need to work with a company (like us) and a custodian that specializes in dealing with alternative assets such as silver and gold. These custodians are experts in handling all the reporting for tax purposes and other compliance requirements.

At Gold Alliance, we have made the process as quick and easy as possible, and setting up a Precious Metals IRA with us is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Open – Our qualified IRA custodian will help you open your self-directed IRA.
  2. Fund – In as little as 3 days, you can fund your new self-directed IRA. Simply transfer funds from your existing IRA, 401(k), or another retirement plan to your new account.
  3. Select – You’re now ready to purchase physical silver and gold for your new IRA and enjoy the protection it gives to your retirement savings.

Throughout the process, your dedicated Senior Portfolio Manager is just a phone call or an email away to help you answer any questions. We’ll also set you up with an IRA expert that will help you take care of all the paperwork to ensure that the process of setting up your Silver IRA is as easy for you as possible. You can have peace of mind that you are in safe hands, just like you can have peace of mind that your retirement savings will be protected.

What silver products can I add to my Gold IRA?

The IRS has set up specific purity requirements that silver products must meet to be IRA-eligible. A wide variety of precious metals coins and bars are IRA-eligible and can be purchased from Gold Alliance for your Silver IRA. We will present you with options so you can choose the silver products that are optimal for your needs and your financial goals. Our precious metals specialists are highly knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. Speak with one of our specialists today and learn more about your IRA-eligible silver options.

How much can I contribute to my Silver IRA?

Contributions to a Silver IRA follow the same rules as with any other IRA, so make sure you check with your advisor to make sure you aren’t exceeding the set amount, especially if you’re contributing to other retirement savings accounts as well.

Where do I store the silver in my Silver IRA?

Your precious metals purchased within a Silver IRA will be shipped by us to an IRS-approved depository you choose. They will be in an account under your name, and you will have 24/7 access to your statements and holdings, just like you would with any paper asset in your IRA account. You could, in many cases, even visit your metals.

Most importantly, when taking a distribution, you can cash out your metals, but you can also have the metals shipped to your home. It’s your choice.

We recommend to all our clients that they use the Delaware Depository Services Company, whose vault in Wilmington, DE, handles billions of dollars worth of transactions on a daily basis. Delaware Depository also boasts a fully comprehensive insurance policy underwritten by Lloyds of London, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious insurance providers. You can be sure of unparalleled storage for the precious metals in your Silver IRA.

What about my existing IRA and 401(k)?

A Silver IRA must be held separately from other IRAs, and it is established by rolling over part of your existing IRA, 401(k), or other qualifying retirement account funds. Your Silver IRA, therefore, works in tandem with your existing accounts to create a diversified portfolio. Speak with one of our advisors to learn more about what retirement accounts are eligible to have a portion of their funds rolled over into a Silver IRA.

Let Gold Alliance help you set up your Silver IRA!

As an industry leader, we are proud to be a role model that has, in many ways, shaped how our industry works towards more transparency and better client education. We have two decades of experience in the industry, and we have built a team of highly knowledgeable and friendly professionals who are ready to answer all your questions.

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