Gold Alliance was born out of the desire to help hardworking Americans like you avoid market volatility and government interventions with the security and opportunities afforded by physical precious metals. We know that true diversification comes when you allocate a portion of your portfolio with hard assets that are beyond the reach of banks and Wall Street. Therefore, we focus on helping people diversify their retirement accounts with gold and silver IRAs.

Our company came to be when a team of precious metals industry veterans banded together through a mutual desire to prioritize our clients’ financial success. Our team believes that buying gold and silver is easy, but knowing which products will bring a better return in our current financial climate is a more difficult task, which we would be delighted to assist you with. Drawing on proprietary financial analyses done in-house, we will use investment insights, predictions, and recommendations to execute a plan per your needs.

Joseph Sherman

Joseph Sherman

CEO / Co-Founder

Joseph grew up in a hardworking family. His father, a baker, worked tirelessly from 4 a.m. until closing every day of the week. Joseph lived through his family’s financial struggles and understands from personal experience how important protection and performance are to a retirement portfolio. Now, his personal mission is to help the public achieve such protection and performance by diversifying their retirement funds from the overreach of Wall Street and the banks. 

With this mission in mind, Joseph has been fighting since 2016 to warn the public of a coming financial reset by giving lectures and writing articles. His articles on the issues that have been created by our central bank’s monetary actions and our government’s fiscally irresponsible decisions can be found in our archives. 

Joseph has 20 years of experience in the commodity trading, financial services, and private education industries, specifically in services for American seniors with financial needs. He is a member of the National Ethics Association (NEA) and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA). Joseph attended the University of Tel Aviv, where he received his law degree with highest honors. In his spare time, he loves watching football and going on nature walks with his family. He considers himself blessed to be able to work every day alongside his wife of 25 years.

Kevin Troy

Kevin Troy

Sr. Portfolio Manager / Co-Founder

Kevin began his career at JP Morgan Chase and quickly moved into the real estate lending sector, where he became a partner in one of the largest mortgage brokerages in San Diego. After the dot.com crash, Kevin felt the urgent need to help Americans protect their life savings, so he made the transition out of real estate lending into precious metals investing. Kevin has spent the last 15 years helping thousands of clients protect, preserve, and safeguard their portfolios. He feels satisfaction knowing he has helped his clients diversify their investments and develop customized fallback plans. 

Kevin graduated from San Diego State University in Marketing with honors. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters. Kevin enjoys staying active, whether on the basketball court, on the soccer field, or in his local church and community.

Fred Abadi

Fred Abadi

Sr. Portfolio Manager / Co-Founder

Fred graduated from California State University, Northridge, in 1996 with a degree in Business Management and became a motivated business operations leader. He has optimized manufacturing and client services processes across a diverse list of industries. While working for Global VR,  Fred propelled revenue by 40% through his stellar customer service initiatives. 

Fred’s love for people and his interest in commodity investments and trading drew him to precious metals investing, where he knew he could make personal connections with his clientele. Today, with 15 years of experience in the industry, Fred delivers the highest quality of care for his customers and works tirelessly to personalize his strategy for diversifying each of his clients’ portfolios. 

When he is not working, Fred enjoys hiking and spending time with his wife and two children. His family fosters rescue dogs before finding them permanent homes.

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