Video Testimonials

“The Gold Alliance Experience”

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Video Transcript:

MaryAnn (00:13)
After watching the stock market for several years and being worried about my money, I decided I needed something more secure and gold was it.

Rudy (00:25)
In the research, one of the primary things I look for is things like the 2008 where things tanked and that’s not what happened with precious metals.

Alan (00:38)
Gold is the one thing that will help us through life and make our lives comfortable, and that’s what I want for my family. The problem was what company to go with. After doing my initial investigations, I found that Gold Alliance would seem to be a better option for me than other places.

Rudy (01:03)
What motivated me to become a customer of Gold Alliance was research, and I didn’t find the same compassion that I found from the many individuals from Gold Alliance. They’re trusting, they build you confidence, and they’re great to work with.

MaryAnn (01:24)
I chose to invest in Gold Alliance because I’ve always felt comfortable, always have my questions answered, and I don’t get that kind of customer service from anybody nowadays, period. It’s a lost start.

Alan (01:40)
They don’t just say, okay, here’s the paperwork, send it to us, and we’ll transfer everything over. No, they stayed with me on the telephone with a three way conversation with my 401K company.

MaryAnn (01:50)
They took care of everything from beginning to end. It was completely stress free.

Alan (01:57)
There wasn’t pressure, there wasn’t pushing, and it didn’t seem like, well, just because I’m not investing a million dollars, you’ll be treated a little bit differently. No, he treated me like I was investing a million dollars.

Rudy (02:19)
I would absolutely recommend Gold Alliance to other customers. They are sincere. They get to know you as a person.

Alan (02:27)
The investments I’ve made with the gold and silver have worked out phenomenally.

MaryAnn (02:32)
I definitely recommend Gold Alliance to anybody who is interested in investing. It’s a totally comfortable experience. I’m ready, as a matter of fact, to do it again pretty soon.